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You can't master a language unless you learn its grammar.

This Week's Lesson: Gerunds

What do you know about "Gerunds"? Learn & Practise. 

Level: Int.

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Expand your vocabulary and learn how to use it properly.

This Week's Quiz

Watch the videos, take the quiz and check how many words you've learned.

Level: Int. 

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Practise your listening & speaking to build your confidence.

The Practice of the Week

Discuss these problems with your  friend.

Level: High Int.


Explore more topics for better English.

This Week's Lesson:
Money Management

Do you have a budget? Do you know how to stick to it? Read this lesson to learn more.

Level: Advanced

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About Me

An instructor who has a passion for teaching English as a second language. Offering you the best of my thirty-year worldwide English teaching experience.

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Commitment to Better Learning

My mission is to provide you with in-class and online English tasks that you can use practically in the real world and that will help you integrate with your society. I encourage critical thinking and emphasize cognitive learning that will make you aware of your learning styles. You'll also be able to identify the necessary learning styles that best suit you to move forward quickly and smoothly.  

About the Curriculum

Whether you are a beginner or at an advanced level, you'll learn how to set a SMART goal to improve your English and you'll always find something that meets your expectations and takes you to the next level with confidence.

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