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At the Bank

Updated: Mar 1

At the Bank

Conversation 1: Making a Withdrawal

Sam: Good morning. I’m Sam. How can I help you today? Customer: Hi Sam. I want to withdraw some money, please. Sam: From which account do you want to withdraw your money? Customer: From my chequing account.

Sam: And how much would you like to withdraw?

Customer: $450.

Sam: How would you like to get your money? Customer: Four one hundred dollar bills and a fifty dollar bill, please.

Sam: Here you go. Is there anything else that I can do for you today?

Customer: Thank you.

Conversation 2: Depositing a Pay Cheque

Tara: Good morning. How may I help you today? Client: I would like to deposit some money, please. Tara: Is it cash or a cheque? Client: It’s my pay cheque. Tara: I’ll need your signature at the back of the cheque, please. Client: Of course. Here you go. Tara: Which account do you want your money in? Client: In my chequing account, please. Teller: Is there anything else that I can help with?

Client: That’s it for today. Thank you.


- Put the following sentences in the correct order:

Conversation 1: Making a withdrawal

1. The – Sam – teller – is - bank. __________________________________________________________________________

2. The - account - customer – money - wants - from - chequing - to withdraw - his. __________________________________________________________________________

3. The - wants – customer - to - $450 - withdraw. __________________________________________________________________________

4. customer - Sam - the - four - bills - bill - and - one - $50 - $100 - gives. __________________________________________________________________________

5. further - The - help - any - customer - request - didn’t.


- Complete the sentences with the correct word (s) from the list:

Conversation 2: Depositing a pay cheque

chequing - sign - deposit – customer - withdraw

1. Tara, the bank teller is helping the client __________ his pay cheque.

2. Tara didn’t ask the __________ how much money there is on the cheque.

3. Tara asked the customer to __________ the back of the cheque.

4. The customer deposited his pay cheques in his __________ account.

5. The customer didn’t __________ any money from his chequing account today.

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