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(Quiz 2) Verb Tense & Verb Form (Correct the Mistakes)

Updated: Apr 24

Correct the mistakes in the following sentences:

1. She was went to the gym yesterday.

2. She can't attending class today.

3. No one know where he is.

4. Sabrina cooking dinner for the family every day.

5. Where did you went last night?

6. They are work at a factory.

7. Who did you met at the party last night?

8. I will absent tomorrow.

9. My husband don’t like fruits.

10. So many children enjoys soccer nowadays.

11. Did you not eating salad yesterday?

12. I seen him many times ago.

13. She must to go to the doctor today.

14. Have you ever saw a camel?

15. The baby wants to eating now.


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