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Updated: Oct 5, 2023


- What is a “Gerund”? It’s the “verb” + ing to form a “noun”

Ex. Work – working Play – playing jump - jumping

- Gerunds can be used as a subject.

Ex. Playing (subject) sports is fun.

Exercising (subject) regularly is important.

- Gerunds can also be used as an object.

Ex. They quit smoking. (Object)

Dan enjoys watching (Object) TV every night.

- We use “gerunds” after verb “to go”

Ex. Let’s go fishing.

Last week we went camping.

- Gerunds also follow prepositions

Ex. I’m interested in reading.

Ex. He’s afraid of going to the park at night.

- Gerunds come after some verbs.

Ex. I enjoy knitting.

We miss going to the gym.


Fill in the blanks with the correct form of gerunds:

1. I enjoy --------------------

2. -------------------- is my favorite hobby.

3. Let’s go -------------------- this weekend.

4. He was angry about --------------------.

5. -------------------- is good for our health.

6. She practises -------------------- the violin every night.

7. Consider -------------------- to improve your mental health.

8. What is the purpose of --------------------?

9. My country is famous for --------------------.

10. -------------------- makes Tymon happy.

11. I’m sorry for --------------------.

12. -------------------- is her preferred activity.

13. We spend a lot of time -------------------- together.

14. When we go -------------------- we take nothing with us except a towel.

15. I can’t imagine myself --------------------.

16. Sam is good at --------------------.

17. Many people avoid -------------------- for a better health.

18. They dislike --------------------.

19. Sarah didn’t mention --------------------.

20. Peter is used to --------------------.


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