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Goal Setting (Low Intermediate)

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Goal Setting

What is Goal Setting? Setting goals is something that we all do throughout our lives. For example, infants would set a goal to learn how to walk. At first they crawl. Then, they try to stand up without any help or support. After that, they begin to take baby steps. When they fall down, adults encourage them to stand up and try again. Same thing happens when we want to teach our kids how to read. First we teach them the alphabets and how they sound. Next come the words followed by sentences.

To achieve our goals, we make a plan. We try to follow this plan for a while. From time to time we need to check if we are moving towards our goals. If yes, we keep following the plan. If no, we change our plan and continue to follow this new plan to reach our goal. For example, if your goal is to buy a car, you plan to save money. You also shop around to find the car that best suits your lifestyle and is within your budget. You may need to change your plan later though. This is when you decide to save $100 instead of $75.

We all follow the same steps when we want to go to college or university, when we want to find a job, when we want to get married, and so on. We all set goals, make a plan to reach these goals, check our progress and change the plan if we need to.



Match the words with the definitions:

1. Goal a. To decide something

2. To set b. Something that you want to reach

3. To crawl c. Help

4. support d. To move along on hands and knees

5. Baby steps e. To help someone feel better

6. To encourage f, A very small amount of progress.

7. To achieve g. To compare prices and quality

8. To shop around h. To reach an aim or a goal

9. Lifestyle i. The amount of money you have

10. budget j. A way of living

11. Though k. Improvement

12. Progress l. But


Make a plan for the following goals:

1. You want to save money.

2. You want to register your child in a new school.

3. You want to redecorate your room.

4. You want to prepare a delicious meal for your family.

5. You want to throw a surprise birthday party for your spouse.

6. You want to start your own business.

7. You want to get married.

8. You want to buy a new house.

9. You want to immigrate to Canada.

10. You want to find a job.



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