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(Practice) The Past Simple Tense

Updated: Feb 28

The Past Simple Tense (Practice)

I. Put the following verbs in the Past Simple Tense:

1. Ellen (ignore) my text last night.

2. How you (do) in the exam yesterday?

3. Jack (not read) my email last week.

4. The fire (destroy) the entire building last weekend.

5. How you (fall) the stairs last night?

6. I (eat) my dinner cold last night because the stove (not work).

7. You (cut) your finger this morning?

8. Timothy (work) as a cashier 5 years ago.

9. The government (change) some rules last night.

10. I (not have) time to fix my car last weekend.

11. How many times you (call) me last night?

12. Alex (have) an accident yesterday and (go) to hospital.

13. I don't understand why they (behave) this way last night.

14. Anita (not finish) her homework last night.

15. We (move) here 20 years ago.


II. Correct the mistakes in the following sentences:

1. When they published this book?

2. They didn’t swam in the lake because it was very cold.

3. Jack wasn’t ate his lunch this afternoon.

4. I meet him at the party last night.

5. When did they went for dinner yesterday?

6. My son not studied for his math exam last month.

7. The bus arrive 10 minutes ago.

8. You wash your hair yesterday morning?

9. Paula exercise every day last month to lose weight.

10. Did he drove you to work last Friday?

11. The TV show start a long time ago.

12. How many friends you were have when you were at school?

13. My mom cook a very delicious meal for us last weekend.

14. My brother work and study when he was in South America.

15. I was take my phone to the store last week to fix it.


III. Complete the sentences with the correct verb. Put the verbs in the past simple tense:

Not allow - travel - send - arrive - cook - not find - pay - be - celebrate - spend - study - invite - go

1. I —---------------- dinner for my friend last night.

2. My parents —----------------- me to sleep at my friend's house last time.

3. My friend —------------------ for my coffee this morning.

4. Isaac —------------------ for the exam with his friend Jacob last weekend.

5. Where you ----------------- with your friend yesterday?

6. Last year my friend —------------------ all her friends to her birthday and we all

—------------------ it with her.

7. My friend —----------------- all over the world last summer.

8. Your friend —------------- on time last night?

9. She —--------------- postcards to all her friends when she —-------------- on vacation.

10. My friend —----------------- her house keys and she —------------------- the weekend at my house.

To learn about the (Past Simple Tense) click this link:


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