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(Quiz 5) Present Simple or Present Continuous

Updated: May 4, 2023

Present Simple or Present Continuous (Quiz)

- Correct the verbs between brackets. Choose the Simple Present or the Present continuous Tense:

1. My brother (not take) a shower right now.

2. She (prefer) texting her friends to talking on the phone.

3. Where you (sit) in the class?

4. Please be quiet! I (watch) a good movie.

5. My mother and I (not go) shopping every week.

6. Who (sing) at the concert today?

7. It (snow) in winter in Canada, but it (not snow) right now.

8. Why we (run)?

9. Anna (wash) her hair every morning.

10. My father (read) the newspaper in the morning. Today he (not read) them because he (have) a headache.

11. James (go) to the field trip with you?

12. Tom (play) hockey with his friends on Tuesdays.

13. She (drive) to work every day, but this week she (take) the bus because her car is being repaired.

14. What your son (do) right now? He (study) or (work)?

15. Alan (not like) to dance in public.


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