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Sentence Types Part 1 (The Simple Sentence)

Updated: Mar 7

The Simple Sentence

There are many sentence types.

1. The Simple Sentence / Independent clause. It consists of:

1. Subject

Ex. Jack / Jane / They

Subjects can be nouns or pronouns

Compound Subjects

Ex. Jane and Peter Canada and Australia Cats and dogs

2. Verb

Ex. Write / Buy / play

There are many kinds of verbs

Compound verbs

Ex. Run and swim Read and write Comes and goes

3. Object

Ex. The door / A pair of shoes / them

Objects can be nouns or pronouns

Compound objects

Ex. A jacket and a dress

Pizza and chicken wings

A letter and an email


To build a sentence we need:

1. Subject 2. Verb 3. Object

Ex. Tim Likes beef.

They are discussing the problem.

We can use compound subjects, verbs or objects in one sentence.

Ex. Tim and Sarah went to the mall and bought a ring and a bracelet.

Sometimes we replace the object with a “complete idea”. A complete idea could be an adverb of place or time.

Ex. They walk to work.

Sam and Samia go to the gym every day.

To practise using "Simple Sentences" click the link below


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