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Talking about the Weather

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Talking about the weather

A. Choose the correct answer:

1. The weather today is (cloud – cloudy – rain).

2. I like it when the weather is (sun – sunny – rain).

3. It’s (rain – raining – rains) outside. Take an umbrella with you.

4. The (wind – windy – cloud) is very strong.

5. There will be a (rain – thunderstorm – wind) tonight.

6. A (blizzard – sand storm – h ice storm) is a storm with heavy snow and strong wind.

7. It doesn’t (snow – snowing – snowy) in my country.

8. It gets (hot and humid – cold and foggy – cool and icy) in the summer.

9. I feel scared when it (hails – hailing – hail).

10. It’s not actually raining. It’s (drizzle – drizzling – drizzles).

B. Use the correct verb tense in the following sentences:

1. It (be) nice and sunny yesterday.

2. I enjoy the weather when it (be) cool and breezy.

3. In the winter it (get) really cold.

4. I’m very cold. It (freeze) here.

5. It (snow) now?

6. When it (rain) in your country?

7. This afternoon the wind (gust) to 80 km/h.

8. In a thunder storm there (be) a lot of thunder and lighting.

9. It (hail) yesterday in the afternoon.

10. The sky (be) clear and blue tomorrow.



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