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Let’s Talk About the Weather

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Let’s talk about the weather

- Put the following conversations in the correct order:

1. B: It’s warm and sunny.

B: Wait! Let me get my hat.

A: Great. Let’s go out for a walk.

A: What’s it like outside?

2. A: Have fun.

A: Isn’t it windy there?

A: Nice day today.

B: No, it’s breezy.

B: Yes. It’s beautiful. We’re going to the park.

3. B: It’s finally snowing! I’m going skiing.

B: Don’t worry. I dress very warmly.

A: Bundle up. It’s freezing outside.

A: How’s the weather?

4. A: Is it supposed to snow today?

A: Hey. How’s the weather out there?

B: I don’t think so.

B: It’s cool and windy.


5. A: Is it also foggy?

A: What’s it like outside?

B: No. The sky is clear.

B: It’s hot and humid.

6. B: Yes. The wind is gusting to 50 km/h.

B: It’s raining again. Put on your raincoat.

A: Is it also windy?

A: How's the weather?

7. B: It’s not hot enough to spend time by the lake.

B: I don’t think we can.

B: No, it’s nice out.

A: Is it raining?

A: Why not?

A: Okay. Let’s go fishing.


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