(Practice) The Difference Between Verb “To Be” and all the other verbs in the English Language

Updated: Oct 10

The Difference Between Verb “To Be” and all the other verbs in the English Language (Practice)

I. Choose the correct verb:

1. How many languages (do) (are) you speak?

2. (Do) (Are) you recycle?

3. We (don't) (aren't) interested in sports.

4. (Do) (Are) you hear me?

5. Which sport (do) (are) you like to watch?

6. How often (do) (are) you volunteer (V)?

7. (Are) (Do) you a volunteer (N) here?

8. (Did) (Were) you hear the news?

9. Angel (didn't) (wasn't) do her best in the interview.

10. Why (doesn't) (isn't) she here?

11. The TV (isn’t) (doesn’t) work.

12. I (don’t) (am not) like liars.

13. The room service (didn’t) (wasn’t) change the bedsheets.

14. The shopping mall (isn‘t) (don’t) far from here.

15. How many pieces of advice (are) (do) there?



II. Correct the mistakes in the following sentences:

1. I’m always prepare dinner ahead of time.

2. He was invited his friends to watch the game with him.

3. I like the painting. It’s looks amazing.

4. I was visit my parents last week.

5. I’m found out some environmental problems in my community.

6. I’m like to helping people.

7. We’re get together every week.

8. My shampoo was finished last night and I’m want to buy a new one.

9. I’m live in Toronto.

10. Too much garbage is cause a lot of pollution.

11. Cars are released too much carbon dioxide in the air.

12. The man was prevented the accident.

13. The room is smells fantastic.

14. I’m try to speak English as much as I can.

15. Jack is has 2 years old.

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