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A Job Interview

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Write questions to the following answers:

1. A:

B: I live in Markham.

2. A:

B: Yes, I do. I have 5 years of experience.

3. A:

B: Yes, I have. I’ve worked night shifts for 6 months.

4. A:

B: My address is 122 ESL Street.

5. A:

B: I prefer the day shift.

6. A:

B: I can use the fax machine, the computer, and the copying machine.

7. A:

B: I’m responsible and punctual.

8. A:

B: No, I’m not. I’m still looking for a job.

9. A:

B: I speak three languages, English, French and Spanish.

10. A:

B: I have 10 years of experience.

11. A:

B: Yes, I do. I speak Japanese.


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