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Let's Go Grocery Shopping

Updated: Apr 17

Grocery Shopping

I. Match the words with the pictures:

A cup of yogurt – a carton of milk - a jar of jam – a box of cereal – a bag of flour –

a can of soup – a tube of toothpaste – a pack of bubble gum - a bottle of oil

1. 2. 3.

4. 5. 6.

7. 8. 9.

II. Use the correct containers for the following food items:

- Add one more food item to each container.

Tub – carton – jar – bottle – box – bag – can – tube – pack – tray

1. A --------- of milk.                                                2. A -------- of soup.

3. A ---------- of ice cream.                                  4. A ---------- crackers.

5. A --------- of chicken breast.                             6. A --------- of tomato paste.

7. A --------- of bubble gum.                                 8. A -------- of rice.

9. A --------- of white vinegar.                              10. A ------- of peanut butter.



III. Match the words with the pictures:

A loaf of bread – a bunch of grapes - a block of cheese – an ear of corn – a slice of pizza – a stick of butter – a bar of chocolate – a piece of cake - a clove of garlic.

1. 2. 3.

4. 5. 6.

7. 8. 9.

IV. Please add five more items to this list.

1.                                                                                 2.

3.                                                                                 4.



IV. Rearrange the following conversations:

I. Making a shopping List:

Jon: Don’t worry I’ll use the credit card.

Jon: Yes. I remember that Jill wanted some baloney for lunch, and Jack asked me for a bottle of orange juice.

Jon: I’ll get a bunch of bananas, a box of clementines and some oranges.

Jon: I think we also need salad dressing. I just finished the last bottle yesterday.

Jon: We’re running out of eggs. We also need two bags of milk. Do we need anything else?

Jina: I think we also need two loaves of bread, tomatoes, lettuce, and cucumber for the salad.

Jina: We also need fruits.

Jina: Do any of the kids need anything?

Jina: Do we have enough money for this list?


II. At the supermarket:

Customer: Thanks a lot. I have my own.

Customer: Yes, I can see it now. Thank you.

Customer: I need a tray of chicken thighs but I can’t find the poultry section.

Customer: Where’s that?

Customer: Thank you. I wanted to ask you where I can get half a dozen muffins?

Customer: Excuse me. Are the shopping carts free?

Clerk: No, they aren’t. They’re for $1.00.

Clerk: The muffins are at the bakery.

Clerk: At the back of the store on your right-hand side. Is there anything else that I can help you with?

Clerk: The poultry section is on the opposite wall next to the dairy section.

Clerk: You’re welcome. Just to let you know that we don’t use plastic bags anymore. If you need reusable bags, you’ll find them at the checkout.


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