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Let’s Go Shopping

Practice the following conversations:

Conversation 1: Buying Boots

Sales clerk: Good morning, can I help you?

Customer: I am looking for the boots that are on sale, please.

Sales clerk: All our boots are marked down 50% for the end of season. Are you looking for a certain colour?

Customer: I’m looking for brown boots that look nice and aren’t pricey.

Sales clerk: What do you think of these ones? You can try them on if you wish.

Customer: They look amazing and fit perfectly! How much are they after the discount?

Sales clerk: They are $250 plus tax.

Customer: Oh, I’m sorry, I can’t afford that. They’re still too expensive.

Sales clerk: They are at a good price, now, ma’am. They’re a real bargain.

Customer: Let me shop around and I’ll get back to you.

Sales clerk: Of course, take your time.





1. On sale:                Reduced price

2. Marked down:    The amount by which an original selling price is reduced.

3. Pricey:                   Expensive

4. Try them on:       Put them on to see how they look

5. Amazing:              Wonderful

6. Fit perfectly:       The size is just right

7. Discount:              The reduced price

8. Can’t afford:       I don’t have enough money to buy it

9. Bargain:                Very good price / cheap

10. Shop around:   Look for other items at other stores to compare price and quality.

Answer the following questions:

1. What was the woman looking for?

2. How much are they? How much were they before the discount?

3. How much discount is the store offering?

4. Why didn’t the customer buy them?

5. What is she going to do?




Conversation 2: Returning a defective bicycle:

Customer: Hi, where can I return this bicycle, please?

Assistant: Customer service is over there; you can line up here.

Customer: Wow, that’s a long line up! Thank you anyways.

Customer service: Good morning, ma’am, how can I help you?

Customer: I ordered this bicycle online; it was a bargain. But I’m afraid it was defective.

Customer service: What do you mean?

Customer: When I took it out of the box to try it out, I found a broken piece.

Customer service: Let me have a look. Oh no, I’m so sorry about that!

Customer: Can I return it and get a refund?

Customer service: Our store policy states that you cannot take an online order back to the store.

Customer: What do you suggest?

Customer service: You can take a store credit and use it to buy a new bicycle. Would you like to have a look around now, or come back another time?

Customer: I don’t have time to look around now. I will take the store credit and return another time. How long is it valid for?

Customer service: It is valid for 6 months.

Customer: Thank you for your help.

Customer service: You’re welcome.



1. Line up:                            To form people in a line               

2. Defective:                        Something that has a fault and doesn’t work properly.    

3. Try it out:                         To use something to make sure that it works.

4. Refund:                             The money that you get back because you’re not happy with your purchase.

5. Policy:                               A set of rules made by a store.  

6. States:                               To write something clearly and carefully.

7. Suggest:                            To give advice

8. Store credit:                    A piece of paper given by a store that allows to buy

something in exchange for something else you returned.

9. Look around:                  To look at the different items in a store.

10. Valid:                              Can be accepted.

Answer the following questions:

1. Why does the customer want to return the bicycle?

2. How did she find out?                         

3. Where did she buy it? Why?

4. What is the store return policy?

5.  Why can’t the customer look around now?

6. For how long is the store credit valid?


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