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Agreeing with Someone Using "So" and "Neither"

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Agreeing with someone’s opinion: (Positive)

A: I enjoy watching comedy movies.

B: So do I.

B: So does my sister.

A: We went to Brazil last summer.

B: So did we.

B: So did my cousins.

A: I’m attending a swimming class this month.

B: So am I.

So is Tina.

A: He has been in this job for many years.

B: So have I.

B: So has my father.

A: She was cooking last night when I called her.

B: So was my mother.

B: So were we.

A: My son can swim.

B: So can my daughter.

B: So can my friends.

A: You must quit smoking.

B: So must you.

B: So must he.


Agreeing with someone’s opinion: (Negative)

A: I don’t like history.

B: Neither do I.

B: Neither does my friend.

A: Anna didn’t play games last night.

B: Neither did I.

B: Neither did Jack.

A: We haven’t gone to the park in a while.

B: Neither have we.

B: Neither has Tim.

A: I’m not learning French those days.

B: Neither is my brother.

B: Neither are they.

A: She wasn’t studying English when I visited her.

B: Neither was I.

B: Neither were my brothers.

A: I can’t speak Arabic.

B: Neither can Uzma.

B: Neither can her friends.

A: You shouldn’t fish here.

B: Neither should they.

B: Neither should he.

To practice using "So & Neither" click the link below:


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