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(Practice) Agreeing with Someone using “So” and “Neither”

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

Agreeing with someone using “So” and “Neither” (Practice)

Agree with the following sentences using the words in brackets:

Ex. My car needs some repairs. (Mine)

So does mine.

Ex. He couldn’t submit his homework on time. (Lance)

Neither could Lance.

1. I watched a funny movie last night. (Shahenda)

2. The computer doesn’t work. (The TV)

3. I have been to Africa. (My husband)

4. High school students are studying hard these days. (Elementary school kids)

5. My grandma enjoys listening to the birds chirping. (My mother)

6. Amany has never seen snow in her life. (Her sister)

7. Janet wasn’t able to solve the problem. (Her colleague)

8. We will let you know as soon as possible. (The police)

9. I was reading and listening to music last night at 9:30 pm. (My parents)

10. I won’t be able to join the party. (We)

11. The food at the party wasn’t enough. (Drinks)

12. Tom didn’t see Clara at the meeting. (Nicole)

13. Hank loved the movie. (I)

14. Justina isn’t enrolled in any courses this term. (Her friends)

15. Air pollution is harmful to the environment. (Water pollution)

16. Jaqueline can’t ride a bicycle. (Her cousin)

17. Ann is surfing the net right now. (Her brother)

18. Luka doesn't like sports. (His cousins)

19. Alex can speak six languages. (His wife)

20. They went to the beach last weekend. (Their neighbors)

To learn how to agree with Someone Using "So" and "Neither") lesson, click the link below


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