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Comparative Adjectives

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Comparative Adjectives

Comparative Adjectives

We use comparative adjectives to compare two things or two people.

Ex. This house is smaller than the other house.

She is taller than me.

What is an adjective?

We use adjectives to describe nouns.

The room is small.

Jennifer is slim.

Erica is young.

If I want to compare 2 people, I use comparative adjectives.

Ex. My sister is taller than me.

My brother is taller than me.

We add “er” to the adjective + than

Erica is younger than John.

Alice is shorter than Erica.

I’m older than you.

Mr. Reza is smarter than me.

You are younger than me.

- If the adjective ends with a ‘Y”, we change it to an “I”. Then, we add “er than”.

Ex. Heavy - happy

My sister is heavier than me.

We are happier than her.


If the adjective has one “vowel” and one “consonant”, we double the “consonant”.

Vowels: a, e, i, o, u

Ex. Thin - big - hot = one vowel & one consonant we double consonants

Ex. Frehshteh is thinner than me.

His room is bigger than mine.

Today is hotter than yesterday.

Sam is handsome. (Adjective)

Sam is handsomer than Jack. XXXXX

Sam is more handsome than Jack.

Catrina is intelligent. (Adjective)

Catrina is intelligenter than Sofia. XXXXXXX

Catrina is more intelligent than Sofia.

Alice is beautiful. (Adjective)

Alice is beautifuller than her sister. XXXXXX

Alice is more beautiful than her sister.

Irregular comparative adjectives:

Some adjectives don’t follow the “er” rule.

Ex. Alan is a good person.

Alan is better than Alena.

Today is a bad day.

Yesterday was worse than today.


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