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Comparative Adjectives (Practice)

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Comparative Adjectives (Practice)

A. Use comparative adjectives in the following sentences:

1. My brother is (young) than me.

My brother is younger than me.

2. Jack’s room is (clean) than Rebeca’s.

Jack’s room is cleaner than Rebeca’s.

3. Sarah is (intelligent) than her friend.

Sarah is more intelligent than her friend.

4. My car is (expensive) than yours.

My car is more expensive than yours.

5. My uncle is (young) than my father.

My uncle is younger than my father.

6. My aunt is (beautiful) than my mother.

My aunt is more beautiful than my mother.

7. My boss is (bad) than yours.

My boss is worse than yours.

8. This movie is (good) than that one.

This movie is better than that one.

9. My classmate is (nice) than my sister.

My classmate is nicer than my sister.

10. This trip is (exciting) than the other one.

This trip is more exciting than the other one.

11. This movie is (interesting) than the one I saw last week.

This movie is more interesting than the one I saw last week.


B. Use comparative adjectives in the following sentences:

1. My sister’s hair is —----- mine. (curly)

My sister’s hair is curlier than mine.

2. These pants —---- those ones. (short)

These pants are shorter than those ones.

3. Our math teacher —---- our science teacher. (heavy)

Our math teacher is heavier than our science teacher.

4. My father —-- my mother. (attractive)

My father is more attractive than my mother.

My father isn’t more attractive than my mother.

5. Tula —-- Joanne. (beautiful)

Tula is more beautiful than Joanne.

6. Jack —- Janet. (slim)

Jack is slimmer than Janet.

7. My cat —-- yours. (ugly)

My cat is uglier than yours.

8. My son —-- my daughter. (quiet)

My son is quieter than my daughter.

9. Our present boss —--- our previous one. (bad)

Our present boss is worse than our previous one.

10. My neighbor —-- her husband. (funny)

My neighbor is funnier than her husband.


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