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(Quiz 1) Verb Tense & Verb Form (Correct the mistakes)

Updated: Mar 2

Correct the mistakes in the following sentences:

1. Frank and Erica talks a lot during class.

2. You was stayed here every day.

3. He riding his bicycle to work.

4. There is so many programs for children during the summer vacation.

5. Does Thomas knows the truth?

6. Did you understood the project?

7. I has no idea what you talking about.

8. No one cames to the party early.

9. Where are Hans from?

10. Natalia don’t studys hard.

11. Carmen and Jack watching a movies every other day.

12. This sentence is means a lot.

13. They went for a walk for 10 minutes ago.

14. We have never go to Australia.

15. He Can’t hides from his friends.

16. Birds flied everywhere.

17. He was escape from his duty.

18. The sun is always shine in my country.

19. What language are you speak?

20. Money comes and goes.

21. Why are you being here?

22. Who are cook today?

23. You didn’t bought the clothes?

24. How many families are you serve?

25. We are get together once in a blue moon.

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