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Going to The Doctor

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Going to the Doctor

A. Rearrange the following conversations:

Conversation 1:

Doctor: You’re welcome. Here’s the prescription.

Doctor: Ok. I think you need an antibiotic.

Doctor: How long have you had it?

Doctor: Let me check. Good. You don’t have a fever.

Doctor: Hello, Mrs. Ming. How are you today?

Doctor: Do you have a fever?

Doctor: Have you taken anything for it?

Mrs. Ming: Not very good. I have a sore throat.

Mrs. Ming: I don’t know. I haven’t checked.

Mrs. Ming: I tried to drink hot fluids as much as I could but it didn’t work.

Mrs. Ming: For about three days.

Mrs. Ming: Thank you doctor.

Mrs. Ming: Good. I don’t like having a fever.


Conversation 2:

Doctor: You definitely need an x-ray.

Mr. Louis: This morning

Doctor: Did you do anything to reduce the swelling?

Mr. Louis: I used an ice pack. The swelling is better but I still feel the pain.

Doctor: When did this happen?

Mr. Louis: I’m in a lot of pain. My ankle is swollen and hurts a lot.

Doctor: Why? What happened?

Mr. Louis: I was sweeping the floor when I slipped and fell.

Doctor: Good morning, Mr. Louis. What seems to be the problem?

After getting the x-ray

Mr. Louis: Good thing it’s not broken.

Doctor: Yes, of course. I think you’ll need one especially at night.

Mr. Louis: How long should I have it?

Doctor: You’re welcome.

Mr. Louis: Can you give me a prescription for a strong pain killer?

Doctor: Keep it for three weeks and don’t step on it. You should feel better by then.

Mr. Louis: Thank you, doctor so much.

Doctor: I’ll apply a compression wrap to your ankle.

Mr. Louis: What’s in the x-ray.

Doctor: It seems that you sprained your ankle when you fell.


B. Find the treatment for the following health problems:

Health Problems: Treatment

1. My back hurts when I walk. A. Stop eating greasy food.

2. A bee stung me. B. Use some eye drops.

3. My nose is congested. C. Take some antacid.

4. I twisted my ankle. D. Take a laxative.

5. I cut my finger. E. Put it under cold water.

6. I burnt my hand. F. It looks deep. It needs stiches.

7. I’m constipated. G. I think you need an x-ray.

8.I have a heart burn. H. A saline spray will clear it up.

9. My eyes are dry. I. Apply honey and lemon juice.

10. I have diarrhea. J. You need to see a physiotherapist.


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