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Asking Questions

Updated: Mar 25

Wh. Questions

We use:

"What" to ask about information

"When" to ask about time

"Where" to ask about places

"Why" to ask about the reason

"Who" to ask about the doer of an action


"How" to ask about manner

Complete the conversation using Wh. Questions:

Helen: Hi. I'm Helen.

John: Hi, Helen. I'm John. __________________?

Helen: I'm from Mexico.

John: I love Mexico. __________________?

Helen: I came to Canada two years ago.

John: __________________?

Helen: Yes. That’s my first time attending an ESL class.

John: __________________?

Helen: I’m learning English because I want to find a good job.

John: Learning English is fun. I joined this class last month. How about you. __________________?

Helen: I also joined last month.

John: We can go to the library after class to Study English. __________________?

Helen: After class, I usually go home, cook dinner and study English.

John: How about your summer plans? __________________?

Helen: Yes. I’m going to visit my friend in Los Angeles in July.

John: Have fun. I hope you enjoy your time.

Helen: Thank you. How about you? ___________________?

John: Yes. I’m planning on going to Hawaii in August.


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