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Indirect Questions (Practice)

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Indirect Questions

- Change the following questions into indirect ones. Don’t forget to use the introductory clauses:

- Can you tell me ---? – I’d like to know ---. - I wonder ---. - I need to know ---. - I don’t know ---. - Do you know ---? - I’ll ask them ---. - Please tell me ---. - Let me know ---. – Do you have any idea ---? Etc.

Part I: WH- Questions:

Ex. For how long are you staying?

Can you please tell me for how long you are staying?

1. What time is the check out?

2. What is your confirmation number?

3. Where can I leave my valuables?

4. When is lunch served?

5. How may I help you?

6. Where is the swimming pool?

7. What kind of entertainment do you have?

8. Where is the nearest outlet mall?

9. How would you like to pay for the room?

10. What is the card’s expiration date?

11. Who can help me purchase the show tickets?

12. When will I receive my confirmation e-mail?

13. Where are the elevators, please?


14. Where can I get coupons?

15. Where is the gift shop?

16. When did you make the reservation?

Part II: Yes/No Questions:

Ex. Have you received my email?

I wonder if you have received my email.

1. Are you interested in a room with a view?

2. Would you prefer a double bed?

3. Can I change my room?

4. Is the Wi-Fi free?

5. Can you please recommend a restaurant near the hotel?

6. Can I store my luggage in the hotel?

7. Is there anything else I can help you with?

8. Does the price include a buffet breakfast?

9. Are the windows closed or open?

10. Do you want a smoking or non-smoking room?

11. Is there a safe in the room?

12. Can I add an extra bed?

13. Are you planning to stay here for a week?

14. Do you have 24-hour room service?

15. Is there a spa in the hotel?

16. Did the bellboy bring the suitcase?


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