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Personality Traits

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Personality Traits

- Match the personality traits to the adjectives:

1. You worry about things too much. A. Impulsive/Decisive

2. You care about other people’s feelings. B. Short-tempered

3. You believe that good things will happen in the future. C. Curious

4. You’re difficult to work with. D. Stubborn

5. You always have new ideas. E. Dedicated/ Hard-working

6. You rarely change your mind. F. Thoughtful/Considerate

7. You get angry quickly. G. Conservative

8. You make decisions quickly. H. Creative

9. You always want to learn new things. I. Generous

10. You want everyone to get along. J. Adventurous

11. You work hard. K. Ambitious

12. You want things done with no mistakes. L. Anxious

13. You love to try new things. M. Peace-maker

14. You’re always looking for something better. N. Rigid

15. You get along very well with everyone. O. Perfectionist

16. You like to give. P. Optimistic

17. You are not always open to new ideas. Q. Congenial



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