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Vocabulary Quiz (3)

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Vocabulary Quiz (3)

Check Your Knowledge

- Choose the correct word(s):

1. How many _________ of corn should I get for dinner?

a. pieces b. ears c. boxes

2. The book is very cheap. It’s a good __________.

a. bye b. buy c. by

3. He let ___________ wife drive the new car.

a. he b. his c. him

4. Tom is the __________ boy in the class.

a. tallest b. tall c. taller

5. Please __________ me __________ when you have the time.

a. call – off b. call – in c. call – back

6. I have to __________ my kids _________ at school every morning.

a. drop – over b. drop – by c. drop – off

7. Children don’t like to __________ their clothes.

a. hang up b. hang on c. hang off

8. He is very rich and money is __________ object for him.

a. for b. so c. no

9. I have an appointment __________ Monday.

a. in b. on c. at

10. Janet is __________ than her sister.

a. less organized b. organized c. organizer

11. Today, your coffee is __________.

a. on the fence b. on the shelf c. on the house



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