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Phrasal Verbs Relating to Clothes

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Phrasal Verbs Relating to Clothes

1. Hang out

To dry clothes outside after washing

Ex: The weather was fine, so she hung out the washing.

2. Hang up

To put something on a hook or a hanger

Ex: Don’t leave your clothes on the floor, hang them up.

3. Put on

To dress yourself or someone else with an item or items of clothing

Ex: Put on your hat.

4. Have on

To be wearing a piece of clothing or type of clothing

Ex: Jimmy had everything on but his socks.

5. Slip on

Put on an item of clothing very easily.

Ex: She slipped on her flip flops before she went into the sea.

6. Throw on

To put on an item of clothing quickly and carelessly

Ex: I threw on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt as I was in a hurry.


7. Pull on

Put clothes on quickly

Ex: James pulled off his socks.

8. Wrap up

To put on warm clothes

Ex: She was wrapped up in a thick winter coat.

9. Bundle up

To wear enough clothing to keep very warm.

Ex: You’d better bundle up. It’s freezing outside.

10. Kick off

To remove your shoes quickly

Ex: She kicked off her shoes.

11. Come off

To become removed from an item of clothing

Ex: He was running too fast and his shoes came off.

12. Take off

To remove a piece of clothing

Ex: Charlie was taking off his shirt when the phone rang.


13. Turn up

Shorten some trousers, a dress or a skirt so that they fit better

Ex: Mr. Smith’s jeans were too long. So he asked Mrs. Smith to turn up the bottom of the jeans for him.

14. Take in

To make an item of clothing smaller/ more narrow

Ex: You lost weight, and your dress doesn’t fit. I’ll have to take it in.

15. Zip up

To fasten something using a zip, or to become fastened using a zip

Ex: The dress zipped up at the front.

16. Do up

To fasten an item of clothing

Ex: Do up your coat or you’ll get cold.

17. Button up

To fasten one’s clothing tightly, as against cold weather

Ex: You should button up your shirt.

18. Try on

To put on an item of clothing to find out whether it fits or is suitable.

Ex: She always tried shoes on before she bought them.


19. Show off

Show something to a lot of people

Ex: He bought her a diamond ring and she is showing it off.

20. Go with

Suit each other

Ex: Those shoes go with your dress.

21. Dress up

Put on different clothes to look different than usual

Ex: He went to the party dressed up as a clown.

22. Wear out

To use an item until it is no longer in good condition

Ex: I wore out my boots. I need to buy a new pair soon.



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