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(Practice) The Present Continuous Tense

Updated: Mar 6

The Present Continuous Tense (Practice)

- Put the following verbs in the present Continuous tense:

I. Statements:

1. Look! The sun (shine).

2. Jack still (study) until now.

3. Jina (feed) her baby at the moment.

4. Jack (rent) our basement for the time being.

5. Most people (work) from home nowadays.

6. Listen! Someone (cry).

7. They (watch) an important game on TV now.

8. We (have) a meeting at the moment.

9. It (rain) now and I can’t go out.

10. Pay attention! I (talk) to you.


II. Negative:

1. We (not travel) to South Africa this Christmas.

2. Tina (not stay) with her parents any longer.

3. He (not work) this week. He’s on vacation.

4. It (not rain) anymore. Let’s go for a walk.

5. She (not write) her book now. You can talk to her.

6. I (not take) any medications these days.

7. They (not sing) now. They don’t feel like it.

8. Alan (not go) to the club anymore.

9. Tom (not put) enough efforts in the project.

10. My boss (not listen) to anyone for the time being.


III. Questions:

1. What you (do) now?

2. What you (look) for?

3.You (answer) the phone?

4. What you (cook) for dinner tonight?

5. Where they (go) at this late hour?

6. Why he (behave) that way?

7. When you (visit) your family?

8. Who you (talk) to?

9. Your children (help) you this week?

10. His wife (exercise) now?

To learn about the Present Continuous Tense, click this link:


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