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The Present Continuous Tense

Updated: May 2

The Present Continuous Tense

- How do we form the Present Continuous Tense?

Verb to be (Present Simple) + main verb (Present Participle)

Ex 1. Ann is (verb to be (Present Simple)) walking (main verb (Present Participle)) in the park at the moment.

2. I am (verb to be (Present Simple)) studying (main verb (Present Participle)) now.

3. They are (verb to be (Present Simple)) taking (main verb (Present Participle)) a new course this term.

4. We are (verb to be (Present Simple)) sitting (main verb (Present Participle)) at the beach and listening (main verb (Present Participle)) to some music right now.

- When do we use the Present Continuous Tense?

1. To talk about something that’s happening now.

Ex. - He is sleeping now.

2. To talk about temporary situations.

Ex. – She is staying with her sister for the time being.

3. To talk about future plans.

Ex. We are going to Europe next summer.


- How do we form the negative WITH THE Present Continuous Tense?

1. We just add (not) to verb to be.

Ex. - Luna is not talking right now.

- We are not playing soccer this weekend.

- I am not watching TV at the moment.

- Suzan is not taking any courses this term.

- How do we form the question WITH THE Present Continuous Tense?

1. We need to use verb to be before the subject.

Ex. - Are you coming to the party tonight?

- Where is Tommy going?

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