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(Quiz 3) Put the verbs in the correct tense.

Updated: May 10, 2023

- Put the verbs in the correct tense. Choose from the Present Simple, Present Continuous, Present Perfect, Past Simple or Past Continuous.

1. A: You ever (be) to Cuba?

B: Yes. I (be) to Cuba many times. In fact I (be) there last summer.

2. A: How Jamila (come) to school every day?

B: She (walk).

3. A: You (not study) well these days.

B: Well, I (think) I (do) my best.

4. A: I (go) to Florida with my friends last summer.

B: How long you (stay) there?

A: One week.

B: How (be) it?

A: It (be) wonderful.

5. A: You (exercise)?

B: Yes, I (---).

A: How often you (exercise)?

B: I (go) to the gym every day.


6. A: What you (do)?

B: I (prepare) to give you the flu shot.

A: But I (not need) it.

B: Just give me your arm. (---) you ready?

7. A: What you (do) last night?

B: Last night, I (eat) dinner, (go) to the movies with some friends and (send) a few emails.

8. A: Why Hatem (go) to the hospital yesterday?

B: He (work) in his garage when the toolbox (fall) on his toes.

9. A: I (know) Tamer since he was a child.

B: How long you (know) him?

A: I (know) him for 20 years now.

10. A: When I was in college, I (visit) home at least once a week.

B; You still (do) that?

A: No, now I (have) a full time job and (live) in Dubai. I (be) very busy and I (not have) enough time to visit my family.


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