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Superlative Adjectives

Updated: Jun 13

Superlative Adjectives

Superlative Adjectives

We use superlative adjectives to describe one among many.

Ex. This mall is the largest in the whole city.

Lamia is the smartest girl in the family.

What is an adjective?

We use adjectives to describe nouns.

This car is expensive.

Elephants are big animals.

My job is easy.

If I want to describe one thing or person among many, I use superlative adjectives.

Ex. Our house is the nearest to the school.

The lake behind the school is the smallest in the neighborhood.

We add "the" + “est” to the adjective to form the superlative.

Gina is reading the longest story in the library.

Alena has the shortest hair in the class.

My grandfather is the oldest person in the family.

This is the sweetest cheese cake I have ever tasted.

You are the nicest person I have ever met.

Spelling Rules:

- If the adjective ends with a ‘Y”, we change it into an “I”. Then, we add “est”.

Ex. Heavy - happy

This bag is the heaviest in the store.

We are the happiest people on earth.


If the adjective has one “vowel” and one “consonant”, we double the “consonant”.

Vowels: a, e, i, o, u

Ex. Thin - big - hot = one vowel & one consonant we double consonants

Ex. Falcons are one of the biggest birds in the universe.

His room is the hottest one in the house.

This is the fattest cow in the farm.

Adjectives with more than one syllable:

Sam is handsome. (Adjective)

Sam is the handsomest person among my friends. XXXXX

Sam is the most handsome person among my friends.

Catrina is intelligent. (Adjective)

Catrina is the intelligentest person in our company. XXXXXXX

Catrina is the most intelligent person in our company.

Alice is beautiful. (Adjective)

Alice was the beautifulest girl in high school. XXXXXX

Alice was the most beautiful girl in high school.

Irregular adjectives:

Some adjectives don’t follow the “est” rule.

Ex. This is a good TV program.

This is the best TV program.

Tommy got a bad mark in the math exam.

Tommy got the worst mark in the math exam.


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