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Superlative Adjectives (Practice)

Superlative Adjectives (Practice)

A. Use superlative adjectives in the following sentences:

1. Which city in Canada gets (high) amount of snow?

2. I need (sharp) knife in the kitchen to cut the turkey.

3. The math teacher is good but he's not (good).

4. Who is (young) child in your class?

5. My uncle is (funny) person in the family.

6. My friend took (long) route to come to me.

7. Russia is not (large) country in the world anymore.

8. Do you know where I can find (cheap) restaurant in the city?

9. What is (low) level of education in your country?

10. Grandma cooks (delicious) food in the whole entire world.

11. It is said that Christmas is (wonderful) time of the year.

12. Which country has (less) amount of air pollution?

13. Cadbury is (sweet) chocolate I've ever tasted.

14. They have (bad) coffee in the neighborhood.

15. Tim bought his wife (expensive) ring in the store.

16. Where is (hot) place in Africa?

17. Which is (fast) bird on earth, the swift or the robin?

18.  Who is (smart) child in your family?

19.  Betty was (elegant) person in the party.

20.  Dad read (big) amount of books and won the contest.


B. Complete the following sentences using superlative adjectives:

1. Last night I heard the ---------- thunderstorm ever. (loud)

2. What is the ---------- marathon in the world? (long)

3. When I was young, I thought that my father was the --------- man on earth. (brave)

4. My brother got ---------- grade in math ever. (low)

5. My friend has ---------- backyard in the community. I love to go there in the summer. (beautiful)

6. I shop at ---------- online store. (cheap)

7. Thanksgiving is one of ---------- celebrations in North America. (important)

8. Is the leader of our country ---------- in history? (great)

9. He wasn't the ---------- person in the team to get the position. (ambitious)

10. I exercise every day because I want to be ---------- person among my friends when summer comes. (fit)

11. This was ---------- dance in the show. (graceful)

12. Brian isn't ---------- friend to me. (close)

13. I always look for ---------- place in the library to study and finish my homework. (quiet)

14. What is ---------- animal in the world? (slow)

15. Australia is ---------- country in the world. (green)

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