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Telephone English (Practice)

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

A. Choose the correct word:

1. Is there a good time to (reach – rich) him?

2. Could you put me (through – on hold) to the customer service, please?

3. My I (call – speak) with the manager?

4. Pizza for Two. How can I (help – contact) you?

5. Can I (leave – live) a message?

6. Could you (call – speak) back later?

7. Have we (spoke – spoken) before?

8. Could you take me (off – of) your phone list, please?

9. Hi. Do you (deliver – delivery)?

10. Could I put you (on – in) hold for a moment?


B. Complete the sentences with words from the list:

Disturbing – try – second – later – wrong – transfer – calling – afraid – problem – back

1. Sure, I’ll --------------------- you.

2. Thanks for -------------------. Bye.

3. I’m ------------------------- the doctor isn’t in today.

4. Sure. No ------------------.

5. That’s okay. I’ll call ------------------- tomorrow.

6. I think you have the ------------------- number.

7. No thanks. I’ll call --------------------.

8. Yes. Just a ---------------------.

9. I’ll ------------------ again later.

10. Of course. Sorry for ------------------ you.


C. Match the conversations:

A. B.

1. Could you put me through to Jack, please? A. This is he.

2. Have we spoken before? B. When is the best time to call?

3. Is there a good time to reach her? C. Sure. No problem.

4. Would you like to leave a message? D. No. I don’t think so.

5. May I ask who’s calling? E. One second. I’ll transfer you.

6. Could I speak with the manager, please? F. This is his girlfriend Tina.

7. Can I leave a message? G. No thanks. I’ll call back later.

8. Could I put you on hold for a minute? H. You can call her at 3:30.

9. Could you call back later? I. Sure. Let me grab a pen, please.

10. Is Helen there, please? J. May I ask who’s calling?


D. Re-arrange the following conversation:

A: Bye.

A: You can call back this evening after 8.

A: May I ask who’s calling?

A: I’m afraid she’s not available right now. Would you like to leave a message?

A: Hello?

B: Thanks. Bye

B: No Thanks. I’ll call back later. Is there a good time to reach her?

B: Hi. Is Kate there, please?

B: This is her friend, Rita.


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