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The Past Simple Vs. The Present Perfect Tense (Practice)

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

The Past Simple Vs. The Present Perfect Tense (Practice)

A. Fill in the blanks with the correct word(s) from the box:

Since – for – ago – so far – last week – in 1975 – recently – just - yet

1. Doctor: How long have you had the rash?

Patient: I’ve had it ---------- Monday.

2. Tommy: Are you still at the clinic?

Tammy: Just left. I’ve waited there ---------- three hours.

3. Nurse: Do you still get those migraines?

Patient: I haven’t had any ----------.

4. Doctor: When did you start to feel the symptoms?

Patient: A few days ----------.

5. Luka: This cough is really bad. You need to see the doctor.

Luna: I saw the doctor ---------.

6. Pharmacist: For how long have you taken Tylenol?

Patient: I’ve taken it ----------- three days.

7. Mother: Finish you lunch and take your vitamins.

Son: I’ve --------- taken them.

8. Nurse: What’s your date of birth?

Patient: I was born ----------.

9. Ann: You look so pale. Have you been sick?

Amy: I’ve ---------- had a very bad flu.

10. Doctor: Is the medical report ready?

Secretary: I haven’t written it ------------.


B. Put the verbs in the correct tense. Choose between Past Simple or Present Perfect

1. A: You (received) my email?

B: Yes. I (see) it last night.

2. A: Where you (be)?

B; I (go) to the movies with my friends after school.

3. A: You (finish) writing the report?

B: I just (start). Give me half an hour, please.

4. A:I (call) you last night and you (not answer).

B: I (be) busy.

5. A: You ever (be) to Africa?

B: Yes. I (visit) Kenya last year.

6. A: When you (get) married?

B: In 2003.

7. A: What's for dinner?

B: It's your turn. I (prepare) it yesterday.

8. A: How long you (know) each other?

B: Since 2000.

9. A:How long you (work) in this firm?

B: I (join) the team in 2020.

10. A: You (see) the murderer?

B: No, I (not).

To learn about the difference between the Past Simple Tense and the Present Perfect Tense use this link:


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