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“Practice” The Present Simple Tense

Updated: 5 days ago

The Present Simple Tense for beginners

- Identify the situations where we use the present simple tense in the following sentences, (Habit – Fact – Customs or traditions and Schedule):

1. Leaves turn red and fall in autumn. (----------)

2. The bus arrives at 7:30 am. (----------)

3. Do you work from home? (----------)

4. Water freezes at zero degrees Celsius. (----------)

5. Many people around the world celebrate Christmas in December. (----------)

6. Robert drives to work every day. (----------)

7. Linda doesn’t go to school by bus. (----------)

8. The earth revolves around the sun. (----------)

9. The movie doesn’t start until 11:00 pm (----------)

10. When do you celebrate Thanksgiving? (----------)

11. The team plays baseball on Tuesdays. (----------)

12. Some people don’t celebrate Halloween. (----------)

13. The bank opens at 8:00 am. (----------)

14. When does the party start? (----------)

15 A lot of people drink coffee or tea for breakfast. (----------)


- Find the mistakes and correct then in the following sentences:

1. My husband don’t work on weekends.

2. Do she speak any foreign languages?

3. The sun rise from the east.

4. How many children do she has?

5. She only eat beef.

6. When do the play starts?

7. They drives to the beach every weekend.

8. Luna don’t washes the dishes every day.

9. Why does she cries every night?

10. We don’t knows how to swim.

11. She catch the 7 o’clock bus every morning.

12. The sun don’t set at the same time every day.

13. Do you needs my help?

14. Tina always forget her car keys.

15. When does the train leaves?

16. People from other cultures uses body language differently.

17. Dogs enjoys chasing cats.

18. The plane take off at 2:30 every Monday.

19. Does he fixes computers?

20. My dad go for a walk twice a day.


- Choose the correct answer:

1.Thomas (love - loves - loving) to read books.

2. How often (do - does - is) it snow in your country?

3. We (don't - aren't - not) understand this grammar lesson.

4. (Does - Is - Do) he smoke very often?

5. Technology (control - controls - controlling) the whole world now.

6. The doctor (don't - doesn't - isn't) come to the clinic on Wednesdays.

7. Most flowers(smell - smelling- smells) wonderful.

8. Some people (eating - eat - are eat) only fish.

9. Eggs (makes - making - make) a perfect breakfast for everyone.

10. Lily (doesn't - don't - isn't) use her cell phone in class.

To learn about the "Present Simple" Tense, use this link:


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