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Mastering the Use of If Conditional II in English Grammar

Updated: Jan 24

If Conditional II

When do we use “If Conditional II”?

We use it to talk about an imaginary (Unreal) situation.

Because we are talking about an unreal situation, we use the “past simple” tense although we are in “the present”.

Ex. If I won the lottery, I would buy a bigger house.

Ex. If he got the job, he would move to another city.

Because we are talking about something that is NOT true, we use (I/he, she “were”) instead of (I/he, she “was”).

Ex. If I were the boss, I would give you a raise.

Ex. If he were at home, he would answer the phone.

Note: We can start our sentence with the main clause and continue with “If clause”. In this case we don’t use a comma “,”.

Ex. She would become a nurse if she passed the exam.

Ex. I would be upset if you called me late.

Ex. She wouldn’t face so much trouble if she were honest.

To practise the "Second Conditional", use this link:


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