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"Essential Money Vocabulary Terms You Need to Know"

Updated: Feb 8

Money Vocabulary

Borrow or Lend:

Borrow means “to take or use money that belongs to someone else with the intention of returning it later.”

Ex. Harry borrowed $5.00 from Tom.

Lend means “to give someone money that he/ she is expected to return.”

Ex. How much money did you lend her this time?


Charge or Cost:

An item costs money, but services charge you money.

Charge means “to demand an amount of money as a price for service or goods.”

Ex. They charge a service fee of 10% at this restaurant.”

Cost means “to require a specific amount of money in order to get an object or action.

Ex. This magazine costs $2.25.


Borrow - Lend

- Use “borrow” or “lend in the following sentences:

1. Can I ---------- $5.00 until tomorrow?

2. My friend refused to ---------- me any money.

3. Why don’t you talk to your bank about this issue? Maybe they could ---------- you some money.

4. Why do you always ---------- money?

5. Can I ---------- your cell phone? I forgot mine at home.

6. My dad ---------- me his car for the night but U crashed it. Now he’s very upset.

7. Whatever you do, don’t ---------- Nick any money. He ---------- $100.00 from me last year and he still hasn’t paid me back.

8. I hate to ---------- money from people and I also hate to ---------- any money to anyone as well.

9. Jack ---------- money from everyone he knows but he always pays it back.

10. The government is willing to ---------- the students the tuition fees.


Cost – Charge

- Use “cost” or “charge” in the following sentences:

1. A: It ---------- me $40.00 to have a checkup at the dentist.

B: You’re so lucky. Mine ---------- me $70.00.

2. A: How much did your flight ----------? B: $500.00

3. Be careful with the vase. It ---------- a fortune and I can’t afford buying a new one.

4. A: How much interest does the bank ---------- you on your credit card?

B: 19%

5. A: How much do you ---------- for tutoring?

B: $30.00 an hour.

6. Our car broke down and it ---------- us $500.00 to get it repaired.

7. A: How much do you ---------- to deliver the parcel?

B: If you live within 40 K.M we deliver it free of ----------. Whereas if you live outside this are, it will ---------- you $40.00.


8. The bank ---------- 4% commission for currency exchange.

9. It ---------- us $220.00 to rent a car last weekend.

10. A: How much did it ---------- you to tow your car?

B: They ---------- me $75.00.

11. A: How much does the ESL class ----------?

B: The board ---------- $6.00 a month.



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